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Life During Lockdown

Do you live in Glencoe or the surrounding area?

We are asking local people to help us document 'Life During Lockdown' in creative ways: a daily written journal, photos of deserted roads or empty businesses, letters to family members you haven’t been able to visit, video clips of your daily walks or inventive ways you’ve been passing the time...anything you like! Check out the photos and video below for inspiration - these were taken during a run up a very empty A82!

The museum would also love to collect any physical objects relating to this period, including rainbows drawn for windows, signs, medical equipment, PPE etc. Please hold onto anything you think might be of interest and could be donated when all this is over!

We are living through a remarkable moment in history, so it is important that we keep a record for future generations. For more information on the project or how you can contribute, please get in touch with Catriona at, or via the contact form on our website.

And if you don't live in Glencoe, why not get in touch with your local museum to see if they are running a similar project!?

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