Museum Redevelopment

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Our exciting major redevelopment will be the first since the Museum moved into its current premises over 50 years ago!

In May 2019 we recruited a Redevelopment Manager, David Rounce, to take us through the process. Our objective over the next three years is to fully redevelop the Museum, protecting and maximising the potential of the buildings while working to secure our environmental and financial sustainability. 

Learning lessons from the 'new normal' brought about by Covid 19, we have adapted our project to emphasise remote engagement and reaching out to the local and global community - giving worldwide access to our collections and activities!

As of March 2021 we are actively working to secure the £1,000,000 funding and make our project plans become reality...

Every penny helps secure the Museum for future generations to enjoy - please click below to donate to our JustGiving redevelopment appeal!





• Improve accessibility and interpretation of the historic cottages and collections, replacing life-expired exhibitions and enclosing the current external display area (constructed in the 1970s) to develop new climate-controlled visitor reception and exhibition spaces.

• Re-roof and convert a byre outbuilding into a Community Exhibition Gallery, creating space for meetings/research/craft demonstrations while enabling schools and local groups to produce their own displays in museum-standard conditions. This will allow a regular programme of events, activities and changing exhibitions to be scheduled..

• Install an accessible visitor/staff toilet!

• Increase our gift shop space.

• Recruit a learning specialist to devise an education and outreach programme to engage the community with the Museum.

• Recruit exhibition specialists to create modern displays, improving the interpretation of the Museum’s stories and allowing more of the collection to be displayed to correct environmental standards.


There are lots of ways to get involved in this exciting project! If you live locally, why not volunteer with us? Or if you are interested in becoming a Trustee or have skills in Finance or Construction, check out our Volunteer Advisor Roles! Finally, you can donate via our 'Adopt an Object' scheme and get your name in our new museum. 


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