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We are a registered charity and rely on income from visitors and supporters to meet running costs and to help develop the Museum displays and collections. In 2022 we are also raising funds for our redevelopment project, which will transform the Museum into a vibrant, financially and environmentally sustainable, attraction.

We also need funds to further our mission to;
‘…chronicle the history, landscape and identity of the Glencoe area. We are a Museum of the people, by the people and for the people – telling the stories of ordinary folk all-too-often 
overshadowed by larger historical events. We will capture imaginations and stimulate creativity through our collections, exhibitions and activities. By exploring our past, we will inspire people to take pride in their communities, cultures and traditions around the world’.


It is vital that we are able to continue our work with schools and the local community and to ensure that Glencoe’s history continues to be recorded to entertain and educate future generations. If you are able to leave us a legacy in your Will, to help us deliver these important tasks, we would be very grateful.

We would recommend that you consult a solicitor when first preparing a Will.


Under current law your estate is liable for Inheritance Tax at a rate of 40% on its taxable value above a certain threshold which can easily be reached by owning an ordinary house in some parts of the country. Legacies to registered charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and can therefore reduce the tax burden on your estate.


If you choose to leave us a gift in your Will, there are 2 options:

  1. Bequeath a specific sum by including the following text in your Will;

‘I bequeath to Glencoe Folk Museum, Glencoe, Highland, PH49 4HS, SCIO SC002786 the sum of £……………..’


     2. Bequeath a percentage of your residuary estate* by including the following text in your Will;

‘I bequeath (xx%) of my residuary estate to Glencoe Folk Museum, Glencoe, Highland, PH49 4HS, SCIO SC002786’


*Your residuary estate is the remainder after any inheritance tax, other liabilities, administration and specific legacies have been paid. This form of gift is extremely helpful because sums fixed in monetary terms fall in real value with inflation.

You Will should also include the sentences:

‘I direct and declare that unless otherwise directed all legacies and bequests of residues to charities in this Will are for the general purposes of such charity and with freedom to spend the capital sum in each case’.

‘The receipt of any person who appears to be the proper officer of any charity which benefits from my Will shall be a complete discharge to my Trustees’.

If you wish, you could tell us why you have decided to remember Glencoe Folk Museum in your Will. We would love to hear your story for our archive.


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