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Crafts for Families

The following 3 worksheets were created by Katherine Davidson in Spring 2023. She completed a work placement with us as part of her Museum Studies course at University of Glasgow.


Create your own tartan worksheet (inspired by our collections!)

Make your own mountain range worksheet (inspired by Glen Coe's landscape!)

Design your own chair worksheet (inspired by our Bonnie Prince Charlie chair!)

Video of how to fold your chair is below.


Halloween 2022, Jam Jar Lanterns:

This is an easy yet fun craft that looks great when finished. It is good for the whole family because even young kids can have fun tearing the tissue paper up and getting a little messy with the glue. Once it has dried, put a candle in the lantern and turn your lights off for the full effect! They are perfect to put at doors and windows (just don’t put them outside in case they get wet!) It uses up jars that go into the recycling bin anyway, so it doesn’t require you to buy anything specifically for it, just some basic crafting essentials that can be used for most future crafts.


You will need:

  • A selection of old jars

  • Different coloured tissue paper

  • Different coloured card, scissors, pen/pencils

  • PVA glue, pot & brush

  • LED candles



  • Choose which design you want to do: a pumpkin, haunted house, spooky forest, spiders and their webs, Frankenstein, a mummy? Look at pictures online for inspiration.

  • Once you’ve decided what you are making, tear up small strips of tissue paper in your chosen colour and paste them onto the glass jar with PVA glue. Apply enough to cover the jar but not so that the light will not be able to shine through.* You can glue over the tissue paper so it is layered. Make sure all the glass is covered.

  • Next, use scissors to cut a spooky design out of card e.g. pumpkin face shapes, Frankenstein face shapes or an owl, spider, bat.

  • Then stick it to your jam jar with PVA glue; applying an extra layer of glue over the whole thing to give it a nice finish.

  • Leave it to dry – ideally overnight or at least for a few hours.

  • Finally, pop in a candle and watch your lanterns glow!

*Do not put tissue paper inside the lantern – just on the outside – as that is a dangerous fire hazard! Best to use LED candles anyway for safety. Remember to never leave an open flame unattended.


Christmas Crafts 2021

You will need the following materials... 


Christmas Baubles 

(don't worry if you don't have everything - you can decorate your baubles however you like!)

-Coloured Card (green)

-Felt (white, black and brown)


-Pom poms

-Pipe Cleaners

-Googly Eyes

-Something Round for your Stencil (e.g. top of a cup)




Elf Hat

-Coloured Card (2 contrasting colours)

-Felt (for the ears)




Halloween Crafts 2021

Learn how to make your own fearsome finger puppet pal - who will you choose?

Watch the video to find out how to make one.

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