Clan Donald 

The Clan Donald Genealogical Tree is one of our most exciting objects. Compiled in 1814 by John Brown, genealogist to HRH the Prince of Wales, it charts the descent of various branches of Clan Donald from the 10th Century onwards. This beautiful chart was damaged in 1984 when an arsonist set fire to the museum roof, but was later restored thanks to a grant from the Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust.

The chart has long been inaccessible to visitors and researchers as it was displayed high up near the rafters of the museum. This season, for the first time in years, visitors are able to get up close to this incredible object; to study the names, research ancestors and marvel at the detail. For now, here's a sneak-peek!

Listen to our curator talk in-depth about our Clan Donald chart as part of the Highland Objects podcast series here!