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Life in Lockdown

Can you help us document what 'life in lockdown' looks like for people in Glencoe, Ballachulish and the surrounding area?


We are living through unprecedented times, and Ballachulish has been at the forefront in terms of community resilience, so it is important that we keep a record for future generations.


Our aims are:

-To record what life is like for people living in Glencoe and the surrounding area during the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

-To collect written or visual records depicting how life has changed for local people

- To collect objects relating to this period for our contemporary collection


How you can help:

-Complete our online survey to tell us about your life, feelings and thoughts. It is completely up to you how much information you wish to share. Take 5 minutes to quickly fill out the basics, or spend longer compiling a more in-depth description of your day-to-day life.

-Keep a personal record reflecting ‘Life During Lockdown’. This can take any form you like: photos of deserted areas of the local area or closed businesses; a written journal expressing how life has changed; letters to family members. All we ask is that you share it with the museum so that we can add it to our contemporary collection. Send any photos, video clips or scanned material to, or share it via Facebook.

- The museum would also love to collect any physical objects relating to this period, including rainbows drawn for windows, signs, medical equipment, PPE etc. Please hold onto anything you think might be of interest and could be donated when all this is over!


What happens to your contribution?

Our intention is to collect all the information gathered in order to record it for posterity. This could take different forms:

-we may ask to accession your diary, photos or other physical object into our permanent collection.

-we may take copies, for example digital copies of photographs. This means that you would retain ownership/copyright, but would give us permission to use your images/writing.

-your items will be stored safely and securely by the museum and may one day be displayed in an exhibition, shared online, or published in a booklet.

Banner image contributed by Ally Campbell.

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