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We believe that every child should be able to engage with and be inspired by Scottish Highland heritage, and we are committed to playing a big role in ensuring this becomes reality. 


That’s why this Christmas, we are asking you to donate to our Redevelopment Fund so that we can create an inspiring Museum which will help children to learn and grow. As a non-profit, charitable organisation, we rely on the generosity of people like you to enable us to provide a meaningful and accessible Museum experience for people of all ages.

Bringing history to life, no matter how you learn

Hands-on, interactive learning is so vital for pre-school and primary school children. It brings historical subjects to life by helping our children connect to the information they are being given. 


Not every child learns in the same way. Whiteboards and worksheets don’t work for everyone. Some children need to see, hear, smell, feel and imagine in order to grow their academic minds. 


We already do a lot of great work with children both at the Museum and within schools. But we can do more. We need to make our Museum accessible and available to children both locally and across Scotland. This is an integral part of our Redevelopment Project.

How will we use the funds we raise?


We will be making our Museum into a fully indoor site so that no matter the weather, kids can play and learn without being drenched! We are creating a dedicated activity space, a children's history trail, hands-on interactive displays and we will have onsite storage so our learning materials are all at hand.

Our Learning & Engagement Officer Parris Joyce says;

“Museums are for everyone, including children of all ages; through creative educational activities that are also fun for children, we aim to become a hub for learning and memorable experiences for our young visitors. We want to excite, intrigue and amaze children through our objects and stories. 


For local children, we are a place they can come to visit to connect with their own heritage and culture. Knowing the history and understanding the customs of where you're from increases wellbeing and confidence, which is so important for young people developing their sense of identity.

Our plans involve building toilet facilities; building a designated activity space so that little crafters can get creative without disturbing our general visitors; creating space to display their artwork; purchasing more office equipment so we can provide resources quickly and easily; and doing anything else we can to make it easier for schools to work with our Museum.”

Will you help create an inspiring learning environment at Glencoe Folk Museum?


Help us bring history and heritage alive for little ones, by making a Christmas donation to our JustGiving page.


Anything you can give would mean the world to us.

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